World Cup

ImageToday Mexico has been defeated by the Netherlands. 😦 Sad to see Mexico go but shout out  to 

It was intense and for a minute I thought Mexico had it, once until the Netherlands scored. However, I was distraught when a penalty has been called and knew then that Netherlands would score again despite having such an incredible goalie as Ochoa. Mexico did a good run in the World Cup and has definitely improved over the time. Now I will be rooting for U.S.A on Tuesday against Belgium. Who will you be rooting for in this world cup?

Hasta Luego! 






So I have received these products through influenster.

I was surprised with some of the products that I will definitely purchase in the future.

RimmelI needed a new mascara and received this one and so far satisfied but it does get a bit clumpy if you add too much product or try to layer a bit.





Apricot glowNever thought to try this color at all, I’ve been using the Benefit blush I got from Ipsy and love the pink color as well but this color, Apricot Glow, from Rimmel is great for summer!






The clear lip liner is very convenient to have since you can use it with any lipstick. Did not even know clear lip liner even existed! lol





berry rose  I received another moisture renew lipstick in the color Berry Rose. Love their moisture renew lipstick line!




eyeshadow 029 royal roseI have this eyeshadow pallet which has some neutral and purple colors for the night time!





002 Bulletproof beige




This eyeshadow stick is genius, I mostly use it to highlight my inner eye corner.

That is all for now muchachas!

Hasta Luego!

Verano: Legs!


It’s been forever since I’ve written my last blog. Fortunately I’m on summer break and will have so much time to keep up with it and review many products. Currently I am reviewing the Venus Snap product and so far it is very convenient!
Venus Snap It comes with a case so there is no mess or residues if you take it in your handbag. Shaving my legs is not forte and always end up with sections I’ve missed but do not see them until I’m already out and about.

If you are traveling you must take your EOS shaving cream. This is my holy grail of shaving cream! It keeps my legs so smooth after shaving.

Aviary Photo_130471830741406150

To add some color to my pale legs I’ve been using the Jergens natural glow lotion. It gradually adds more color to your legs and is effective if used daily.

Aviary Photo_130471830947861510

Now if only there was something for the bruises and mosquito bites I have after camping. Any suggestions? Well hope everyone is enjoying there verano!

Hasta Luego!

Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

April Favorite: Ipsy

After rigorous research on finding the best subscription for a low price I have found Ipsy. I don’t have much knowledge on makeup or particular brands that suit me and thought trying out different items will help me decide in future purchasing decisions. For the low price of $10 I think is reasonable subscriptions and with the items and brands that are in the subscription are great. If you would like to subscribe here is a link

Now to my first Ipsy bag!


I enjoyed trying out everything in the bag and was very pleased with the quality of the products. Below are pictures of me with using the products.


The Cailyn color I received is beautiful and wear it almost everyday! I actually can wear it without looking too dolled up for school. The eyelashes are settle and great for beginners like me. The Urban Decay eyeliner is mostly meant to be used if you are going for a smokey eye look. Can’t wait for my next Ipsy bag now!

Hasta Luego!


Thrift Finds: Primaveral

Thrift shopping has become one of my favorite hobbies to do recently. Shopping in my hometown thrift stores were not really enjoyable or worthwhile but now that I moved I have found a new place to search for treasures. For my recent trip to the thrift store my objective was to find some cute spring clothing items. I tend to look more towards shorts, skirts, and short sleeve tops that will add character to my current wardrobe. (By the way I’m pretty sure all my spring clothes were left at mis padres’ casa…haven’t gone back home to get them yet…oops) I found these Old Navy floral shorts that are perfect for spring!

Thrifting finds

Despite the nice sunny weather that was forecasted today, I put on a cardigan since the morning was a bit chilly. The cardigan is also a thrift from a previous purchase. It is from GAP and absolutely love it because it is very versatile!                                       Old Navy Shorts







I normally don’t buy anything from Old Navy because the clothing tends to be bigger. I decided to give it a shot and they did fit me!

                                                                                Last and not least is this mug!

Kate Spade Mug      I found it out of luck because I don’t normally browse through the kitchen/decoration at the thrift store. The letter caught my eye because it was my first initial and then I recognized it from seeing it while browsing on Pinterest. I look under the mug and saw it was in fact the Kate Spade mug I’ve been eying but would not want to pay full price for just one mug. I automatically grabbed it and took it to where it belongs.

So ladies and gents, keep your eye wide open and you may find your treasure.

Hasta Luego!

Dieta! Sort of…

So I’m attempting to become healthier and also find the energy and time to work out more often. It pretty difficult to eat healthy if there is no time to actually prepare something. I’m slowly transitioning to this new lifestyle and starting off the basics. First, I will be cutting down my Coke intake 😦 as I consume it often but have opted to drink the 90 calories can instead. It’s definitely helped and no longer have to make myself drink my whole can. I have successfully stopped consuming coffee every morning. Coffee was my pick me up every day but have seen that it was not the best for me.

I am drinking more water and green tea instead and now eating more fruits too! I have been making some fruit salad and adding my favorite condiment, Tajin. Maybe adding this is not really healthy but I love the flavor and can go even with cucumbers. Now the hard part will be making time to actually go to the gym or go on a run. Luckily the semester is almost over and will have more time to focus on me again! Is there something you are doing and is working out for you? Let me know! Necesito ayuda! lol

Hasta Luego!

Mango with Tajin



Disclaimer: I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I have had purchased some of their moisture renew lipsticks previously but most of them were neutral tones. I received the color 360 “As You Want Victoria” which is very bright and bold, a color I would not normally choose. However, I was surprised I actually liked it and thought it did suit me. This is a great color to wear on a date or just add some color to your daily makeup.

Moisture Renew 360

“As You Want Victoria”

As I have mentioned in my previous post I have mentioned about my dry skin. I love this line because it truly feels soft and moisturizing. The color stays on all day but easy to remove at night and the best thing of all there is no chappy pieces falling off every now and then, oh how that was embarrassing!

If you are unsure on what lipstick best suits you, you can click on the link and add a picture of you and choose the lipstick of your choice!

Hasta Luego!